KS3 Romans

Aimed at Y7s, this workshop will look at the effects of the Claudian invasion of 43AD. An in-depth exploration of why the Romans invaded Britannia, how they triggered the Boudiccan revolt and its consequences.

Pardus and Vulpus will examine the benefits of living under the Pax Romana and the enormous changes to the lives and culture of the Britons. From hill forts and oppida to Roman towns, roads, trade and the ethnic diversity of Roman Britain, this overview of Roman Britain within the context of the empire will provide a solid basis for further research.

St John Payne RC Comprehensive School, Chelmsford “The workshop has inspired the pupils to produce some outstanding work. The pupils were totally engaged. I have no hesitation in recommending Portals to the Past to colleagues at KS2 or KS3. History has been brought to life. Funny and inspirational!”

A display of Roman and Celtic weapons and armour leads to a demonstration of Gladiatorial combat.  The use of your school hall is required.

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Barrington Primary, Kent
Please could you pass on our thanks to Jack for his brilliantly informative Stone Age workshop visit on Thursday. The children thoroughly enjoyed it. I even got a letter of thanks from one of the parents!

Meadowdale Primary, Leicestershire
I know that the children and staff had a great day and learnt so many things. They were amazed by the size of the animals and couldn't wait to tell me all about it today.

I hope that we will be able to repeat the day next year.

Montrose School in Leicester
A little late with this but I would just like to express my thanks to Dominic for the Viking workshop we enjoyed on the 13th October. The children had a great day; Dominic was great with them and managed to keep them entertained all day! The workshop was well organised and really brought the topic to life for the children – they were particularly impressed with the splatting of the water melon! Please pass on my thanks and best wishes.

Parkfields Middle School, Beds
I would like thank you for a wonderful Anglo-Saxons and Vikings day yesterday. You are so good with the children and make it so engaging as well as educational.

Please find below an email we received from one of the Year 5 children, who took it upon herself to write and say how much she enjoyed it. Another mother who works at the school said her son had come home 'raving' about his day too. Thank you very much again and I hope you will be available to book next year.

“I really enjoyed portals to the past today and it was a fun way of learning about history. Thanks to the teachers who helped arrange it.”

Beavers Primary, Hounslow
I just wanted to thank you and Dan for a very successful Greek Workshop with our Year 5 children last week. The children (and adults) really enjoyed the whole day.

Dan was just amazing and his enthusiasm for history made the experience even more enjoyable. Please pass on our thanks to Dan.

Broadoak Primary School, Tameside
I just wanted to provide some feedback for the amazing workshop we had today. Ian Morris delivered a highly professional work shop and throughout the day the children learnt so much about the Ancient Greeks. He was clearly enthusiastic about his subject area and this passed on to the children. Thank you for providing us with such a high quality service, I will definitely be booking workshops with you again.

Haimo Primary School, London
Would just like to say what a fantastic day we had today. Gary was great, with the perfect balance of fun and educational content. Thank you very much!

Once again, we have nothing but praise for your service and for Gary in particular. We will most definitely be using Portals to the Past again.

Avondale Park, Middlesex
I just wanted to say what a wonderful day we had yesterday in our Greek workshop. The tasks were interesting, the range of props was impressive and immediate feedback from both students and parents was great. Dan was extremely organised, professional and accommodating and we would be very happy to have him back in the school in the future.

Fairisle Junior School, Hampshire
Today we had our Viking experience day with Mike. We would like to say a huge thank you, as the children (and teachers) have had a brilliant day!!

The activities were well thought out and resourced, they were engaging and the children learnt a lot from them. Mike was very knowledgeable about the Vikings and kept the children engaged the whole time.

This was a fantastic experience and I will not hesitate to suggest you to colleagues.

Warren Dell, Herts
I am just writing to say thank you for the Greek Workshop at Warren Dell today. The children thoroughly enjoyed their day and learnt a lot. The activities really helped them bring their topic to life. I will definitely be recommending Portals to the Past (and Dan!) to my colleagues.

Victoria Juniors, Middlesex
I just wanted to email to let you know how fantastic our World War 1 workshop was with Dan today. The teachers and pupils were engaged, and have been raving about how engaging he was. We really enjoyed handling the resources and taking part in the re-enactment. Thank you - we will definitely be booking again!

St Georges C of E Primary School, TAW
Our host for our Roman workshop today; Dominic Russell, was fantastic with the children and is an absolute credit to your team at ‘Portals to the Past’. His ability to simultaneously manage, engage and inspire children whilst educating them about various aspects of the Roman era were simply delightful to observe. Dominic is a very talented and knowledgeable historical expert who we definitely will be personally requesting to deliver the programme again for us during the next academic year.

To summarise, Dominic Russell is without a doubt an excellent role model for your company and we wanted to share with you how enjoyable he made the day for both the children and staff (He even reminded myself a little bit to have fun with History to help it come alive!)

Old Park, Sandwell, West Midlands
Just a quick email to say thank you for our Roman visit. We all thoroughly enjoyed the day. It was incredibly imformative and Stuart was fantastic! The costumes and resources captivated the children's interest and the activities were really engaging.

St Georges RC, Worcestershire
Just wanted to say that we had a great day. Lauren was superb and the children got so much out of it, they were buzzing with excitement!

Warren Farm Primary School, West Midlands
Apologies for the email being so late - Id realised I'd forgotten to confirm things! The day was great – Thank you! Stuart did an amazing job and the kids loved it - they've learnt so much about Greek history!

British Museum
I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all of your help and enthusiasm for the sleepovers – the children absolutely loved Gary the Mammoth! He was very very popular. And I also received a lot of positive feedback from parents to say that they appreciated your teaching style – hands on without being patronising – great combination! It’s been a pleasure working with you.

White Woman Lane Junior, Norfolk
We had a fantastic Roman Day at White Woman Lane Junior with Mark last term. Thank you. It transpires, however, that I forgot to check up if we can order Roman coins from you as many of the children expressed an interest.

Many thanks again for your visit.

Two Village C of E Primary School, Essex
This is just to say a very big thank you to Gary for the amazingly informative, interesting and fun day we spent together last term! It was brilliant - the children were totally engaged all day - it's a fantastic topic to teach and Gary really made it come alive for us. We re-enacted the mammoth hunt in our class assembly and each group presented their 'specialism' based on Stonehenge, hunting (a big favourite), mining, stone technology and food. Thank you both! Will definitely book for next year.

Burnt Ash, Kent
I had to rush off to meeting straight after school and wasn't able to see Gary but I wanted to say a massive thank you to him. He was fantastic and the children learned a lot and had a great time!!

Anglesey Primary School, West Midlands
Sorry I missed you on Friday Graham (I have enjoyed looking at the photos!) but I just wanted to say a huge Thank you! The teachers have been praising you and the workshop, it was exactly what the children needed, they were buzzing with Dinosaur Facts when I saw them this morning! (so were the adults!)

Mootley, Bromley, Kent
I just wanted to say thanks so much for Mike today, he did a great job. The kids really enjoyed themselves & we really appreciated all the effort he put into the day, especially with so many excitable 8 year olds!

Claytons School, Buckinghamshire
Wow. It was just great for all involved. From the word go you were so helpful and positive about taking 90 and getting someone to us. Thank you. I felt good vibes from the start and so presented the idea to my colleagues as something that the kids could dress up for, bring a special lunch and feel INVOLVED. The kids loved the day and after you had left we compared it to the stress of going out for the day. We soon decided we had had an easy option for once.

THANK YOU. The activities were so suitable and all the kids were engrossed. The afternoon was all inclusive and very enjoyable. What a good start to Ancient Egypt for them all. Sorry I have not had time to say all this earlier but believe me we would thoroughly recommend you and we do appreciate all you did for us.

Thundridge School, Herts
Just wanted to say a very big thank you.

The children at had a very enjoyable and informative day to day, thanks to Mark's excellent delivery.

We have already received an email from a parent saying how their son had gone home and said how much he enjoyed the day. Thank you.

Edward Francis Primary School, Essex
Year 5 would like to thank you for a fantastically interesting and enjoyable Greek workshop on Wednesday. We learnt so much and you made it really fun!

We really enjoyed the role play, playing out the battles of Alexander the Great for ourselves. We feel like we could command an army just like Alexander did! We have some brilliant memories and photo's - particularly of the fake Olympics, and will definitely be playing the board game again soon.

St Marys RC Prim, BEDS
I just wanted to say thank you for Friday. The children had a fantastic day and so did us adults. You really did bring the topic to life for the children. It was the perfect end to the topic.

The children said they wanted to do the day all over again and we were even talking about it still in school today. I also had very positive feedback from the parents who said their children came home telling them lots and were very excited and happy.

Bosley St Mary's Primary School Cheshire
Sorry this is a bit late but a HUGE thank you for such a fun and informative day - we all thoroughly enjoyed it and we thought you'd like to see some of the photos:


Hope to see you again one day.

William Shrewsbury Primary School, Burton on Trent
On behalf of all the staff and children in Year 5 at William Shrewsbury Primary School, I would like to thank you for our wonderful Viking experience on Friday. Thanks to your advanced information, all our children turned up in Viking- style costumes, having prepared jewellery, swords and shields in classes earlier in the week. The children then experienced an exciting day of practical activities and role play. Dominic, our Viking, shared his expert knowledge with the children in a way that they could really relate to. It will be a day they will remember for a long time I'm sure.

Thank you once again

Southwater Jun Academy, Sussex
I would just like to say a huge thank you to you for our Egyptian workshop yesterday. All of the children and the staff thoroughly enjoyed the day and we all learned a lot. Steve and Sally were fantastic. I have passed on all of the details onto the person who is going to be leading the year group next year and I am sure that we will be using the company again.