KS3 Romans

Aimed at Y7s, this workshop will look at the effects of the Claudian invasion of 43AD. An in-depth exploration of why the Romans invaded Britannia, how they triggered the Boudiccan revolt and its consequences.

Pardus and Vulpus will examine the benefits of living under the Pax Romana and the enormous changes to the lives and culture of the Britons. From hill forts and oppida to Roman towns, roads, trade and the ethnic diversity of Roman Britain, this overview of Roman Britain within the context of the empire will provide a solid basis for further research.

St John Payne RC Comprehensive School, Chelmsford - “The workshop has inspired the pupils to produce some outstanding work. The pupils were totally engaged. I have no hesitation in recommending Portals to the Past to colleagues at KS2 or KS3. History has been brought to life. Funny and inspirational!”

A display of Roman and Celtic weapons and armour leads to a demonstration of Gladiatorial combat.  The use of your school hall is required.


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N.B. The order and content of workshops may vary dependant on suitability of individual school’s facilities, timetables and any health and safety concerns, and will be at the discretion of the workshop leader. Not all workshops are available in some areas.



Market Drayton Junior, Shropshire
Just to feedback that yesterday was a huge success. Thank you so much for a wonderful, informative and captivating day, both the children and staff thoroughly enjoyed it.

Bushey Manor Junior, Herts
Thank you so much for our Egyptian workshop at Bushey Manor Junior School. The children had a fantastic day and learnt so much. Your workshop really engaged them and they will remember the day for a long time.

Acton Primary, Suffolk
Our children always enjoy their day with a member of the Portals to the Past team, it really helps to bring the subject that they are studying to life. THANK YOU TEAM.

Benchill Primary, Wythenshawe
A fantastic workshop, all children enjoyed the day and teachers felt all pupils learnt something throughout the day! A big thank you to Ian!

Brownhill Primary Academy, Yorkshire
Thank you so much for providing a fantastic workshop. The children were all engaged and really enjoyed the day!

Arthur Bugler Junior, Essex
The whole experience was fantastic, Gary did a great job with the children, it was a wonderful way to start our topic and the children got so much from it. Thanks again.

Thwaites Primary School, Cumbria
Ian was fantastic!

Creswick Primary, Herts
Ian was absolutely fantastic. From start to finish, he was enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable. The children responding to him really well and were engaged throughout! I was extremely impressed and would be keen to book again! Thank you!

Edward Worledge Comm Junior, Suffolk
A very good workshop as always. Knowledgeable.

Northwick Juniors, Essex
There were a lot of practical activities which all children enjoyed. They loved holding the artefacts and exploring the information. Gary was able to answer any questions the children asked and lead the talks in the direction that the children took him to keep their interest. Some of the information was presented on boards for the children to explore independently. Gary was brilliant with the children and they are now all very excited about our history unit. We will definitely book again for next year!