KS3 Romans

Aimed at Y7s, this workshop will look at the effects of the Claudian invasion of 43AD. An in-depth exploration of why the Romans invaded Britannia, how they triggered the Boudiccan revolt and its consequences.

Pardus and Vulpus will examine the benefits of living under the Pax Romana and the enormous changes to the lives and culture of the Britons. From hill forts and oppida to Roman towns, roads, trade and the ethnic diversity of Roman Britain, this overview of Roman Britain within the context of the empire will provide a solid basis for further research.

St John Payne RC Comprehensive School, Chelmsford “The workshop has inspired the pupils to produce some outstanding work. The pupils were totally engaged. I have no hesitation in recommending Portals to the Past to colleagues at KS2 or KS3. History has been brought to life. Funny and inspirational!”

A display of Roman and Celtic weapons and armour leads to a demonstration of Gladiatorial combat.  The use of your school hall is required.

PHONE 0800 112 3192 for more information or e-mail bookings@portalstothepast.co.uk

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N.B. The order and content of workshops may vary dependant on suitability of individual school’s facilities, timetables and any health and safety concerns, and will be at the discretion of the workshop leader. Not all workshops are available in some areas.


Sandcross, Surrey
I just wanted to thank you once again for a fabulous day. The children and I learnt so much, you really brought our topic to life in a very memorable way. I was very impressed with the activities and organisation of everything and the way you kept the 90 children engaged was wonderful. I'm sure they'll remember the day for a long while.

Thank you again, the rest of year group are very much looking forward to Thursday and I'll definitely be recommending you to the rest of my colleagues.

St. Johns RC Primary School, Oxfordshire
The whole day was super from start to finish. Lauren arrived in plenty of time to look at spaces available and set up logistics of the day with staff. Lauren was very animated and really engaged well with the children, as well as explaining everything clearly and answering any questions the children had. Both staff and children thoroughly enjoyed the day. Thank-you Lauren for an engaging day where the children learned lots!

Hollinswood Primary
Just an email to say how fabulous the Greek workshop was last Friday at Hollinswood Primary School. Dom had an amazing manner with the children and clearly knows how to cater for individual pupils. Everyone was on board with him. A very successful day.

Thank you!

Hollesley Primary, Suffolk
Thank you for a fantastic day. The children and adults thoroughly enjoyed it. It was pitched perfectly and the range of activities and information worked really well. The children really appreciated your humour. Someone said it was like horrible history.

Leigh Primary, Tameside
I just wanted to say a really big thank you for our Anglo-Saxon day last Wednesday. Ian was amazing and really brought the topic to life. The content of the day was a perfect mix of hands on activities, gory details and learning. It was head and shoulders above other groups we've had in the past so we'll definitely be looking at booking with you again.

I live quite near our school and when I got home from work on Wednesday the children from our school were telling the other neighbourhood children all about their day and showing them how to hold Anglo-Saxon weapons which I think shows just how much they enjoyed it. Please pass our thanks on to Ian and the rest of your team

St Vincent de Paul. Herts
Hi Dan, Thanks for a great work shop. The children are still buzzing and talking Greeks, Greeks, Greeks!

Potley Hill Primary School, Hampshire
I great day with a great leader! Lauren had a great sense of humour which the kids found very engaging. She was able to encourage all to take part and made learn fun. Thank you.

Montrose School, Leics
I just wanted to say that we have had a fantastic day with Dominic today at our Viking workshop. He has been as brilliant as ever keeping everyone entertained and packing in the learning too! The children were involved at every step and it has definitely been a day for them to remember. Please pass on my thanks to Dominic for his hard work and his wonderful, fun way with the children.

St Michaels and All angels Catholic Primary, South Yorks
Can I just say a big thankyou to you all for our Celt and Roman day on Friday at St Michaels and All angels Catholic Primary School.

Jimmy was fantastic and all the children and staff thoroughly enjoyed it. We will definitely be recommending you to our colleagues.

Home Farm Primary School, Essex
Just want to give you some feedback re Graham Woollard’s visit to Home Farm Primary School today.

As always he arrived impeccably early to set up our library to make it suitable for all the children. He kept them enthralled from the beginning to the end. His range of knowledge is inexhaustible. He interacted so well with them. He is an absolute treasure and superb advert for your company. We have had Graham visiting many times and he never fails to deliver. Please pass on gratitude and look forward to seeing him next years.

Oak Tree, Notts
I just wanted to drop you a quick email to say thanks so much to the Portals to the Past team and particularly the Viking who delivered Wednesday's activities. The children really enjoyed themselves. They learnt loads and he caputured ALL their attention and imaginations all day. I wouldnt hesitiate to recommend your business again and hope you will be able to work with us in the future.

Highfield Primary School, London
I am emailing to give feedback on the Stone Age to Iron Age Day carried out with Gary Langford at our school. We were very impresses with the content of the day, particularly the interesting artifacts the children were able to handle. The children thoroughly enjoyed dressing up and taking part in the fun, interactive games Gary had planned. The children learn so many new facts and have continued to discuss their learning and activities since the day. Other members of staff in the school commented on how impressive and interesting the day seemed.

We were very happy with our day and hope to book with you again. Please extend our thanks to Gary.

Burnt Ash, Kent
Please pass on my thanks to Jack. He did an excellent job yesterday with the children at Burnt Ash. They were engaged all day and learned a great deal! I was unable to catch him at the end of the day to thank him personally.

Heronsgate School, Bucks
I just wanted to say what a great time all of the children, as well as all of the adults, had today at our Stone Age day with Dan. He made the day exciting, interesting, funny and interactive. The day was well thought out and provided lots of opportunity for the children to get involved and learn something new. Can I ask what would be acceptable to add to our school website? I am aware that you did not want Portals to the Past to be published, but what about pictures of Dan working with the children?

Thanks again for your help. We look forward to working with you again!

St Andrews CE, Manchester
Just wanted to pass on our thanks for the workshop that was held in school here on Tuesday. Ian delivered an excellent workshop that was suitably pitched and the children loved it....we’ll be getting Portals to the Past back soon for sure...

Buckingham Primary School, Bucks
Many thanks Dan, and thank you for a wonderful day on Friday. The children had a fantastic time, and learnt a great deal.

Marden, Kent
We have just enjoyed the most fantastic enrichment day with Mike - he arrived in good time to set up everything for the day and made sure the three classes new exactly what to expect from the day, including ultra-clear instructions for the game (even I managed to work out the strategy to win!!).

The day ran like clockwork - the timings were perfect and every child could participate. Mike's knowledge and delivery was fast paced, exciting and engaging - he had everyone in the palm of his hand! Children's questions and focus throughout the day was superb - we have learnt so much about events in history, how they impacted society as well as what real life was like then (very graphic!!).

The highlight of the day was definitely the battle re-enactment outside in glorious sunshine (perfect day!) - the kids were able to go crazy with boundaries of super-tight control and given the excitement of competition with the spear battle at the end. Brilliant. To round everything off, the storytelling of Beowulf was second to none - every child was held under Mike's spell and swept away to the fifth century for a final chilling battle.

Please pass our thanks to Mike for an absolutely stonkingly good day - adults and children alike have gained so much from this experience. I look forward to another opportunity to be able to invite you back!!

Many, many thanks,

Great Denham, Beds
Just wanted to email to say a very big thank you to Graham for today. The kids all loved finding out so much about dinosaurs and exploring all the model and fossils. He managed to keep all the classes engaged for long periods of time and coped so well with so many group in one day. We would definitely recommend him to other schools.

Bentfield Primary, Essex
I just wanted to say how much my class enjoyed Ian's visit last Thursday. He was brilliant, as always, and the kids absolutely loved the day.
A big thank you for a wonderful day.

St Marys and St Benedicts, West Midlands
Stuart was brilliant and the children still had a wonderful experience as always!

St. Patricks London
Many thanks for the recent Roman day workshop with Gary on October the 13th. The children loved it and we were really impressed with Gary's enthusiasm and knowledge!

Anston Park Junior, Yorks
I'd just like to send an email to say thank you very much for the fantastic day delivered by Jimmy last Wednesday. We were really impressed with how he presented himself to both staff and children and how he fully engaged the children all day (which is no easy task with 70 Y4s!).

Thank you also for always being so efficient via email and providing all information and answering all questions promptly! It is very much appreciated.

Overall, thank you for providing a great service, the day was thoroughly enjoyed by all and we will definitely keep you in mind for the future and recommend to other schools.

Brushwood, Bucks
We especially loved the board games and puzzles because it was a game that was new to us and was very challenging! We had to use our minds and brains to work it out. In addition, the puzzles were confusing because a few of the pieces looked the same and it was really hard to place them all together.

We certainly adored playing the board games where we used the counters to play against our opponent (or should we say rivals!) The counters were like glimmering crystals, which were golden, silver and topaz coloured.

We had a blast at making costumes with lovely accessories, such as swords, weapons, crowns and jewellery.

Furthermore we liked the Olympics because we had to focus and had to use our aiming skills, accuracy and strength to complete the mission. The sword holding was the best activity that we did because no one had held a real sword like that before that was from the Ancient Greek times.

Finally, the story at the end was very interesting, enjoyable and dramatic and we loved the part when the Hydra (3 headed beast) bit off Ophius’ head.

Once again, we would like to thank you for the games, the drama and the time that you gave up in order for us to learn and have fun. Overall, we had a brilliant time!