KS1 Dinosaurs and Fossils

The workshop is 1h 15 mins per class, mimimum 2 classes – maximum 4 classes.


To get the maximum educational advantage from a visit by Graham and his dinosaur collection, he needs a large ground-floor display area such as an assembly hall with easy access and off-road parking. Many of Graham’s exhibits are large and require specialist handling, which entails a long set-up period. It would also be useful if any assemblies could be cancelled.

Graham Woollard has an infectious enthusiasm for all things prehistoric from the Earth’s primordial past to the emergence of modern man and has been inspiring children and teachers for over a decade. He has a vast collection of scale model dinosaurs and real fossils, which, of course the children get to touch and handle.

Brookfield Infant School, Kent – I am writing to say a huge thank you to Portals to the Past, and in particular to Graham Woollard for an absolutely amazing morning at our school. Graham came this morning to present his ‘Dinosaur’ workshop to our two very eager Reception classes. His presentations were fantastic, exciting and action packed. Graham really brought the ‘awe and wonder’ to every child and at a level that was easily accessible for each individual. I really cannot commend him highly enough and will definitely booking again for next year.

Graham will take your children back to the Jurassic period, the time of the dinosaurs and investigate their world. Every child has a fascination for dinosaurs and fossils and this workshop will bring out the hidden palaeontologist in your pupils.

Areas covered in this interactive workshop are:

Bones to Stones! How does this happen?
A practical demonstration on the formation of fossils, and hands on experience of genuine fossil dinosaur bones.

The awesome variety! Fossil hunt pupils discover and identify the many fossil types.

The flying Pterosaurs were not dinosaurs! Why not?
Stare into the face of the ferocious Velociraptor and fearsome T-Rex.
Amazing dino facts including why dinosaur poo is treasure to a palaeontologist.

Catastrophic impacts, super volcanoes or a sniffy cold?

Who’s afraid of the chicken?

The pivotal role fossils played in Darwin’s revolutionary ideas on evolution. Amongst many other places, Darwin explored Patagonia in the South Americas aboard HMS Beagle, where he discovered the fossil remains of “Glyptodon” (an extinct Giant Armadillo) as well as other giant fossil bones. These fossil finds led Darwin into what he called “The Law of Succession of Types” a significant contribution to his ideas on evolution culminating in his work “The Origin of Species”.  An activity based on categorising specimen fossil types will form part of this section of the day.


Margaret Dix Primary, St Albans – ” It was a fantastic day which the children really loved. It was great to get hands on with all the dinosaur models and fossils. A brilliant day – wouldn’t hesitate to book again or recommend”

Graham is a well-known and respected figure in the fields of geology, fossil curation and palaeozoology. He has contributed to the collections of many leading British museums and has two important discoveries to his name: a fossil crocodile named “Metriorynchus” found during a 1989 fossil hunt expedition in the Oxford Clay brick pits around Peterborough, of such exceptional quality in its preservation that it is now part of the National Collection of fossil vertebrates kept at the Natural History Museum in London; a previously unknown fossil aphid named in his honour “Penaphis Woollardii”.

PHONE 0800 112 3192 for more information or e-mail bookings@portalstothepast.co.uk

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N.B. The order and content of workshops may vary dependant on suitability of individual school’s facilities, timetables and any health and safety concerns, and will be at the discretion of the workshop leader. Not all workshops are available in some areas.


Cranford Park Academy, Middlesex
I would like to express our earnest appreciation to Dan for facilitating our Greek workshop conducted last term for our year 3 children.

As I am not class based I am lucky enough to see many of the workshops that come to the schools I have worked in. As I am myself am a massive history geek, I find myself often disappointed with history workshops\' knowledge of the little details around the subjects they focus on. This was not the case with Dan, in fact I found myself, along with the children, lost in the learning process. The activities successfully excited, while still educated our children. The children now delight in telling each other the information from the workshop and in the playground I heard many of them retelling stories to their parents at home time.

They have been inspired by this workshop, some are even interested in becoming Spartan warriors as their career someday.

Hodnet, Shropshire
Just a quick follow up to our workshop with Dominic Russell.

We were pleased to see our workshop leader was the same historian as two years previously.

He ran the day wonderfully. The children were fully engaged and still talking about their day on Friday.

His manner was perfect for the age group with a super balance of educational facts alongside the humour and gore which appeals to the age group.

They all loved the Beowulf play as did the staff. We all smiled our way through the day!

Worthing Prep, Sussex
Just to say a huge thank you to Jack and yourself for Friday’s Romans workshop. The children absolutely loved it and the parent feedback has been excellent. He did a great job! Our children have learnt so much.

We will be in contact about booking Portals to the Past again, maybe for the next academic year.

Barley Close, Gloucs
Thank you so much for a fantastic day Martin. I’m buzzing about it as were the children. It’s a cliché but it really did bring history to life and consolidate all we had already taught them. I’ve e-mailed the link to your website to all of the teachers here recommending you.

Gooseacre, Yorks
Just to say a big thank you for yesterday's workshop- the kids (and adults) loved it and I think it's going to really deepen their learning about Ancient Greece.

St Johns, Herts
Can you please pass on my thanks to Lauren Makin. She came to my school today to deliver an Anglo Saxon workshop. She was absolutely amazing! Her knowledge was fabulous and her control of the children was fantastic. The children (and staff!) thoroughly enjoyed today and learnt so much! Lots of children went home really happy.

We will definitely use your company again for any future history days.

Oswald Road, Manchester
Please can you thank Ian for a fantastic workshop. The children really enjoyed this.

Kingswood Primary Academy, Northants
Eagles class thoroughly enjoyed the experience you provided throughout our topic day. In particular, the comments the children made about the day were "Dom was fun" "Dom made it all very exciting" "Dressing up was fun" "The quiz and puzzle were tricky but good as we were allowed to work together" "I laughed hysterically at the funny myth acting" "I don't usually like drama but this was great".

As a teacher, I appreciated the opportunity to interact and support the children's learning, with another adult leading the session. It brought our Ancient Greek topic to a good level of understanding before finishing the topic. The quiz, puzzle and dressing up resources were excellent as was the well planned variety of activities that kept all pupils engaged for the whole day. We have since made our own Peteia game boards which have proved very popular during rainy break times.

Thank you very much for the provision. I would highly recommend both you personally and your company as a whole. I hope to rebook for next year

Castle Batch, Somerset
Hi Martin

Thank you for a fantastic workshop the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Coppice Prim, Essex
I would just like to say a massive thank you to Ian who came to Coppice today. He was absolutely fantastic and had the kids engaged all day. The day was well run and the Greek games kept the children amused for the time given. He explained everything clearly and I know the children enjoyed having him today. He made the day a success!
Three Peaks Academy, Staffs

Lea Valley Primary, London
I'm emailing to let you know how fantastic our Egyptian day was today! Steve and Sally were absolutely amazing and the children thoroughly enjoyed all of the activities. It was a great way to start our topic and has certainly inspired the children to find out more about life in Ancient Egypt.

The day ran so smoothly - Steve and Sally are obviously well practised in working around busy school schedules and they pitched the delivery of information at just the right level, whilst also catering for our SEN learners and asking deeper questions for our more able.

Thank you for creating such fabulous memories for our children!

I shall certainly be requesting another booking next year!

St Peters, Hixon, Staffs
Just to say a big thank you for organising Dom to come out to us for our Stone Age Day.

It was a fantastic day. Both the children and staff learnt a lot. Dom was very friendly and delivered the workshop in such a way that it kept the whole of Key Stage 2 enraptured the whole day. He was extremely knowledgeable and entertaining and has passed his enthusiasm for the subject on to our children.

We look forward to more workshops in the future.

Beanfield, Northants
We had Lauren Makin to our school today for an Egyptian day to launch our topic. I just wanted to say what a fantastic job she did. The children were fully engaged all day, were laughing and buzzing the whole time. She had such a great manner with the children and it was a fantastic day!

Thank you so much and we hope to invite Lauren back again next year.

St Georges, Shrops
We have recently had the pleasure of Dominic running a Portals to the Past Roman workshop in our school.

As a school, we would just like to say a huge thank you to Dominic – we couldn’t have asked for a better Roman! After using a Portals to the Past workshop last year, we were desperate to get him back into the school and for the children to experience a fantastic day. Dominic’s interaction with the children was outstanding and engaging – he had an excellent balance of humour and knowledge which captured the children’s curiosity and learning. In particular, his approach with children with additional needs.

The running of the day was smooth and well organised. The children were focused and engrossed with all activities provided – they particularly enjoyed the role play activities and the gladiator fight!

We would highly recommend both Portals to the past and Dominic to other schools.

Thank you for a fantastic Roman experience – we will be booking again next year!

Good Shepherd, Notts
I am emailing to tell you how much we enjoyed our Greek day yesterday. The Greek gentleman was extremely entertaining, engaging and captured our children's attention throughout the whole day (not easy with this year group, at times!). It was a great way to finish our topic, bring all of our learning together and reinforce everything they had learnt. I will remember it for a long time to come and am sure they will too. What a great experience.

Fountain Primary, Yorks
On behalf of Year 5, I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Ian for the fantastic workshop he delivered on Monday. The children were so excited and learnt so much, as did the teachers! It has also given some brilliant ideas for ways we can make the rest of the topic more creative and open, which we appreciate. We have already said that we would definitely book again yesterday, and have passed Portals to the Past's details on to other members of staff. The children are now so eager to begin learning more about the Ancient Greeks, thanks to Ian's enthusiasm, and many went home on Monday night to research them further, which is the best feedback you can get. Thank you once again to Ian and to Portals for such an amazing day.